Lesley Lillywhite ~ Screenwriter

UNBRIDLED ~ The Short Film













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Coming soon!

Winning script of the inaugural Arizona Film Hall of Fame Awards...

As an unflinching femme fatale's scandulous affair unravels, a visiting provincial cousin derails her strategies.  They attend a Mardi Gras "Cards Against Humanites" tournament, where masquerading guests mingle with weaponry, igniting opportunities for cloak and dagger.

Watch your enemies... watch friends closer still.


In pre-production: Caribou Moving Pictures, Daryl Mallet, Producer,

Ethan Moe, Director

Lead Talent:

Brianna Roberts as Sylvie
Sophia Natania Rubin as Chloe

Unbridled Award

Stay Tuned

Filming the Opening Establishing Shot

Sylvie's Living Room