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In preproduction: Lesley's screenplay UNBRIDLED, in Tucson, Arizona

My days of wanderlust, found me venturing into sites of literary acclaim, sparked from visiting Zane Grey's cabin, with my father.   A pilgrimage to The Bard's home, struck a chord, when I shared a moment with his arcane & ethereal desk.

Eureka!  I should pay homage to the solitary moments where writers purge their souls, & seek to visit the desks of wordsmiths.  While lingering at Robert Burns' desk, another pastime of bonding with the scribes, lured me...  Homage phase II became treks to pubs & venues known to writers.

One Christmas, found me stealing into the garden of Ernest Hemingway's Key West home, equipped with enough pina coladas to spend an amusing afternoon with polydactyl cats.  Another sojourn, took me to Singapore, where I fulfilled the ambition to sit at The Poets' Bar in revered Raffles.


Robert Burns' Desk

Robert Burns' Desk and Quills
(photo by Ian Cameron-Smith)

Still, there were yet rabbit holes to venture, before I dipped my quill.  When I ran a shoppe of antiquities,  Tucson's film commissioner found me.  Whenever Hollywood came to town, he connected me with set decorators.  This led to location scouting, & being invited on sets.

Daughter Sophie is an actress, my partner Philip is a screenwriter, as such, we enjoy attending film events & festivals.   Friends asked me to be in films, & I became an “accidental actress.”  Philip was attending festivals gratis -- per his writing talents -- while I, as a sidekick, had to pony up.  There are always solutions.  I stepped in it, as a “victim of circumstances” screenwriter.

Another serendipitous anomaly, is we live in an adobe home once occupied by Pulitzer Prize winner N. Scott Momaday,  a gentleman, & magnificent film personality.  I write at one of his desks. 

I am having boundless fun with this inspired  world of screenwriting, & my hopes are to see my scripts transformed onto the screen.

Winner at the Wild Bunch Film Festival