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(L-R) Elena Maro, Composer; Philip C. Sedgwick, Writer/Director; Lesley Lillywhite, Co-Producer
At Silicon Beach Film Festival screening of Meteoric

With Sophia Natania Rubin and trophy for Best Drama Screenplay
Spotlight International Film Festival 2023

Pitching COMEUPPANCE at Spotlight International Film Festival, 2023

At the Beginning of the Sunscreen West Film Festival 2022

Lesley & Philip, Sunscreen West 2022

With Sophia Natania Rubin at Sunscreen West 2022

Meteoric Team at Sunscreen West Awards 2022

Lesley Ready for the Wild Bunch!

Team Meteroric Anticipating the Outcome

Team Meteoric at The Wild Bunch Film Festival 2022

Arizona Underground Film Festival 2022, Screening of Meteoric & Jack of All Lanterns

Opening Night Phoenix Film Festival 2021

Opening Night, Phoenix Film Festival 2021

Phoenix Film Festival 2021

Phoenix Film Festival, 2021

Location Scouting in Ironwood National Forest with Laura Cortelyou, Director of the Marana Film Office

Arizona Underground Film Festival 2021, ZAP! Screening

Joel Foster and Sophia Rubin

Beverly Hills Film Festival

Beverly Hills Film Festival with Philip Sedgwick

Mark Rydell

with Mark Rydell, Director of ON GOLDEN POND at Prescott Film Festival

with El Jefe mural, Tucson, AZ

Burbank Film Festival 2016

With Philip Sedgwick, Burbank Film Festival, 2016

With Hitchcock

With “Hitch” Burbank Film Festival 2016

Cast & Crew of OTRO LADO at the Gadsden Hotel, Douglas, Arizona

Regina Romero

with Tucson Mayor Regina Romero at Arizona Independent Film Festival

with Alfonso Sahagun, Director of EL BURRITO COWBOY at the Premiere

with El Burrito Cowboy

at the Sunscreen West Film Festival

with Actor/Director Katy Canty, Sunscreen West Film Festival

Laughlin Film Festival

With Levi Rubin
Laughlin Film Festival 2018

Filming MAYBE SOMEDAY at the Biosphere

Sophia Natania Rubin

Matt Halen and Sophia Natania Rubin as the "Biospherians"