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Peculiar Taste ~ (Horror - R, co-written with Philip C. Sedgwick) - As an aspiring TV host anchors a food festival, she discovers the combo of GMO corn chips and tequila incite ravenous hunger and aberrant behavior. Realizing that people are disappearing, she connects with a scientist, and through their detective efforts, they uncover an unleashed epidemic of deviant cravings.

Comfort food is primal.

Official Selection, SouthEast Regional Film Festival, 2022
Top Ten, Phoenix Film Festival, 2013
Semi-Finalist, Rhode Island International Film Festival, 2016
Quarter-Finalist, 6th Annual Story Pros International Contest, 2012

Lesley with “Peculiar Taste” co-scribe Philip C. Sedgwick and Laura Cortelyou, Director, Marana Film Office
location scouting in the Ironwood National Forest


NOT FOR EVERYONE - (PG-13) Up against a deadline, two casting directors seeking the next “it” actress, encounter a waitress who perplexes their sensibilities when she rejects offers of fame and fortune. 10 Pg.

COMEUPPANCE (R) - A reclusive writer, haunted by her unsettled past, pursues her vengeance through a supernatural gateway. 24 Pg. TV Pilot

CHUPACABRA SUNDOWN - (R) When a golddigger's plans to shelve her provocative mother into an elder home backfires,  home life unravels as mom joins forces with an enigmatic stranger, whose bearing tilts into the supernatural. 31 pg.

The truth is cast in shadows.

SOMEWHERE IN COCHISE COUNTY (R) - A single gay man, accompanies his impulsive twin sister on a getaway, and stumbles upon a bohemian mountain village, harboring eccentric townsfolk, and mystical ceremonies. 25 pg. TV Pilot

Not your normal journey.

WILD SNATCH - (R) After a newlywed screenwriter reunites with college girlfriends to compare midlife crises, his young wife becomes possessed by an ancient spirit, eager to sample modern vices. 23 pg.

Possession is nine-tenths of control of your soul.

UNBRIDLED ( in preproduction, previously CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY) - (R) As an unflinching femme fatale's scandalous affair unravels, a visiting provincial cousin derails her strategies.  They attend a Mardi Gras "Cards Against Humanity" tournament, where masquerading guests mingle with weaponry, igniting opportunities for cloak and dagger. 14 pg.

When the cards are on the table, there is no humanity.

MULLARKEY'S GHOSTS - (R) As an urban couple celebrates an anniversary in Arizona, ghosts from the old west conspire to unravel their secrets. 23 pg.

Can you keep a secret?

INDIAN SUMMER - (R) An admired travel writer brings her disconsolate brother on a getaway that exposes relationship desires beyond the earthly realm.

OYSTER MANIAC - (R) As an unseasoned graduate seeks to expand his horizons, he crosses the path of an arousing vamp, unearthing her own desires.  Once appetites are whetted, how far south will the moral compass shift, before destiny is at stake? 11 pg.

Don't spoil your appetite.

LEARNING CURB - (R) A restless college graduate finds Street Smarts 101 adds a kick to your resume.